Thank you for your interest in W&W Custom Fabrication Co. Inc. As our name states, we are a custom fabrication company.

Each product that we manufacture is custom designed based on the unique requirements of our customers. Some products are designed by our customers, some are designed by us with critical input from our customers, and still others are designed solely by us and then approved by our customers.

Below is a brief list of some of our capabilities and what we can provide for you.

Our in-house capacity allows us to manufacture up to 6,000 gallon tanks. Whether you require food grade or not, round with F&D heads, coned bottom or flat, rectangular or square for storage, mixing or a special purpose we can meet your requirements.

Sheet Metal
Any gage, any alloy from simple layouts to the most difficult layouts we can form, roll and create anything from cones, transitions, specialty duct work, cabinets, tables, bins, hopper, guards, drip pans, slide beds and multiple other items.

We can design and manufacture many types of conveyors to meet your needs. All shapes and sizes such as horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Whether you require food grade construction or not. Some sample belts are Rex, Interlox and stainless steel mesh. Other items to consider are variable speed and quality components. Construction material can range from steel, stainless steel, aluminum and modern plastics.

Miscellaneous Structural
Anything from access platforms, variety of railings, ladders with or without safety cage, specialty mezzanines, stairways, pipe support system, pipe bollards, catwalks and additions to existing catwalks.

Process Piping
Food grade tubing, Tri-Clamp fitting, compression fittings, pump stands and pumps, valves, purge welding, support systems and sweeping elbows. All welds AWS certified.

Shop Equipment and Capabilities

      Shearing up to 1/4 in. thick stainless steel

      Break or (bending) up to 3/8 thick stainless steel

      Electric power rolls for forming or rolling tank shells

      Hydraulic iron workers and punches.

      Plasma cutting of steel, stainless steel , and aluminum

      Laser capabilities up to 1/4 inch  thick steel , stainless steel and aluminum

      All types of welding in shop and field

      A variety of smaller shop equipment such as vertical and horizontal band saws, abrasive saws, drill presses, milling machines, grinders, sheet metal rolls, etc... Most importantly we have qualified personnel to use this equipment.


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